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CLose upOur Volunteer surgeons completed 18 sight restoring surgeries today!In rural Africa, the ability to see is crucial to survival. Village life is communal life, and all contribute to sustain the livelihood of the family and community. Blindness removes a critical components of the community support system, and has a downward spiralling knock-on effect. Gogo (granny) is blind, and therefore not only is she unable to care for grandchildren while parents are out working, but someone has to look after her. This usually falls upon a girl child, who drops out of school to look after Gogo, thus robbing her of an education, and normal child life, and ultimately disempowering her to participate in the upliftment of the community.What a thrill it is for us to witness first hand the release of a girl child back into the education process, after Gogo’s sight has been restored! What a thrill it is to witness the joy and delight in Gogo, as she can now take her rightful place in her community and contribute!Thanks to all the donors. volunteers, prayer supporters, and tireless screening team for being God’s instruments in restoring sight, dignity and life to rural South Africa!




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